Business Advisory

Real business advice, tools and tips – provided by people who own and run their own businesses.

Our business advisory services have been honed in the field. And, as experienced  Business Advisors; we provided you with the business consulting services and the flexibility you need.

“Growth strategies and the business management systems implemented by Richard have been integral in allowing us to see where we are at, and where we need to go to reach our goal of  becoming leaders in our industry.”
Tabitha Nathan, Director – The Black House.

Straight up business advice

Our business advisory services are delivered as if your business is our business – because it is.
Our experience comes from years inside businesses, and in consulting. We don’t give you theories;  we give you methods and tools that are proven to drive business growth.

Each of our business advisory solutions is naturally tailored for you. But it’s our insight that you really need – insight about smarter strategies, funding, driving growth and more.

The Business Advisor who has your back

Many of our clients are long-standing. We may have been the Business Advisor they called in to fix a problem, but now that problem’s solved you may find us ongoing as part of their  Management Team or even on their Advisory Board. Our goal is to stay with you for as long as you’re  still getting outstanding value.

Business advice designed to suit you

We work on an hourly or project basis. And as you’d expect, part of our job is to make sure you’re  getting real value for money. If that means structuring our fees uniquely for you – we won’t just do it, we’ll offer it. We mean it when we say we operate with integrity and your business is ours. And it  all starts with an open conversation.

So if you’re even considering hiring a Business Advisor, now’s the  time to call. Get in touch today.