Business Advice – Business Consultants and Business Advisor

Business development is so much more than sales. It’s about understanding the financial viability of the decisions you make in the day to day. We help you accurately calculate where your business is at now, where you want it to be, and how to get your there.

Real-world business advice

Our ability to understand trends and accurately forecast your numbers, puts you in the driving seat of your business. Not only that, it ensures you stay there because you’ll have the information you need at your fingertips to satisfy your shareholders, stakeholders and funders.

Our experience means we don’t function in the theoretical (although we can quote it). We get hands on helping you to understand your specific numbers and showing you the impact of your decisions through more accurate forecasting. And by accurate, we mean world-leading software that has an unrivaled reputation for excellence.

Effective business consultants

We’ve worked at the highest levels of business within organisations and as effective business consultants. Many of our clients continue to retain us in an advisory capacity, long after the original need has been resolved. Because we’re actively involved in your numbers, we can show you the value we bring over time. And that’s what assures you we’re a truly good investment.

Hands on business advisor

We’re practical people and we look for practical realities. As a business owner or manager, you know when something just doesn’t add up. So do we. But as your business advisor, our experience means we can often put our finger on the problem straight away. So yes, we read the numbers but we also understand the human causes behind many business problems – and that’s what gives you the edge.

Business Analysis

Effective business analysis underpins all our services from providing business advice to helping you secure the right business loan. Because running the numbers effectively gives you far more choice… and far more control.

Effective business analysis

We’ve invested in industry leading software, which when partnered with our extensive experience allow us to accurately forecast future growth and profitability based on your current numbers. But as importantly our insights can help you identify how you can effect change to that business future, starting now.

Through our business analysis, we can benchmark your business against your industry, identify leaks and inconsistencies, and show you where small changes can impact dramatically on profitability. You’re still in the driving seat, but we are the window into your future. We just give you the information and the tools you need to ensure it’s the future you want.

Sound business advice

Our business advice comes back to the numbers – we show you how to see exactly what we see to future-proof your business. We don’t base our business advice on guesswork or theory, just the practical realities that only your numbers can reveal. And our effective forecasting shows you the impact of your decisions, making it the basis of the most sound business advice.

Securing the right business loan

And when it comes to a business loan, those same numbers (that same business analysis) not only ensures we help you structure the right business loan… but gives the lender the most robust and compelling reasons to lend to you. And because it’s based on real numbers, that means peace of mind for you, your lender and all your stakeholders.

For robust business analysis, sound business advice or to ensure you are securing the right business loan – get in touch today.