About Synergy Finance Group - Financial Business Advisory Services

Synergy Finance Group is headed by Richard Corliss, a specialist business and financial management consultant with extensive experience in working with business owners, CEOs and CFOs to develop business growth,  increase profitability and secure essential business funding on the right terms.

As Management Consultants, Synergy Finance Group provides robust business advisory services based on a true and accurate reading of your business numbers. Using world-class software and extensive experience in business, Richard and his team are able to effectively interpret your numbers so you will see where you can immediately start making meaningful improvements.

While the numbers are an effective guide for all Management Consultants, Synergy Finance Group’s  ability to interpret is second to none. Effective forecasting shows you the real impact of your options on your business future. And that information is what gives your lenders and stakeholders confidence in the decisions you make.

Richard’s experience running businesses as well as working as a financial consultant means he takes a practical and down to earth approach. He is of course, passionate about business improvements and you’ll find that enthusiasm is contagious. Because once you see the numbers like Synergy Finance Group does – you’ll know who’s in the driving seat... and your road will be clear.

Whether you’re a farmer needing to resolve a loan, a CFO or business owner who want real business growth – Richard is your gateway to all Synergy Finance Group can provide.

It starts with an open conversation, so why not give him a call. It just might be the best decision you ever made.